Leftover Turkey?

Thanksgiving is over, but are there still mounds of turkey taking up space in your fridge? Check out this page with TEN different low fat ways to incorporate your leftover turkey.

Hoping for actual recipes? Try some of these! I looked for recipes relatively low in calories, with fewer ingredients, and generally high in protein if not really low in calories or fat:

  • This site lists 3 low calorie soups that uses leftover turkey and vegetables!
  • enchiladas-ck-223760-lLight Chicken Salad– Just replace the chicken with your leftover turkey! If you use another recipe, try using reduced fat mayo or fat free yogurt for the dressing to reduce fat and calories.
  • Turkey Enchiladas Try using reduced fat broth and cheese, and/or use less sour cream or cheese than called for to reduce fat and calories. And don’t forget to choose wheat tortillas!
  • Reduced Fat Chicken Pot Pie (replace chicken with turkey)
  • Brunch Casserole
  • Turkey Fettucine

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